Hack the Future 2017 - IT Decathlon


Chaos rules the world now. The poor run rampant, stealing from the rich. They in turn are arming themselves, shooting at those who have nothing. Political and religious extremists are causing many innocent victims. The sea level is rising still, due to the pollution of our consumer oriented lifestyle.

You are safe – for now – in our bunker. Here you must gain the trust of each continent, so that they will share their data with you. That is the key, the source of the algorithm that may redistribute wealth, food and water so everyone can be made happy again. The road will be long and arduous. Sometimes you will need to devise an algorithm to help a continent, on other occasions you may need to hook up with a Raspberry Pi to reinstate a satellite link, query a database and send web requests. And sometimes you must deal with the unexpected… Are you ready?

Technologies used:

  • Whichever language you want, but you should be able to set up a web server, send requests to a given endpoint and solve problems with it…
  • Any knowledge of working with a Raspberry PI is a huge bonus
  • Deploying a Docker container
  • You are up to REST
  • Kubernetes
  • RabbitMQ
  • MQTT
  • JSON
  • bash/UNIX
  • a tiny bit of electronics (we’ll guide you here)

Recommended skillset:

  • Full stack developer

Our label “IT Decathlon”

We chose the label IT Decathlon as a description for our Hack the Future track, because we do not focus on one single technology, framework, methodology, … We believe that a true software craftsman should know a bit of everything, in order to decide which technology, language, … to pick for a specific case. Besides, at ToThePoint, we are not mere software developers. We are solution architects, meaning that we do not just care about the code, we care about the whole end-to-end process of delivering a working application. The technical design and analysis, the deployment cycle and of course the development of the application. Therefore, we figured that the label “IT Decathlon” would fit our track best.

Why would you attend our track?

Because it is fun! No, seriously, we put a lot of effort in our challenges in order to make them really fun to solve. Just like with the previous Hack the Future edition, we prepared a lot of cool stuff to make our coding challenges entertaining. However, don’t underestimate our track. You will be challenged on more aspects than just writing code.

Our goal

Our goal of participating in Hack the Future, is that at the end of the day you can go home with the feeling of having had a fun day and that you learned a lot of cool stuff while being challenged in many different ways.

Can I prepare myself?

Of course! Soon we will update this page with a list of items that are really worth looking into before attending our track. It is not required to prepare, but it can save you a lot of time on the hack-day itself. So stay tuned!

3 hackers from the previous edition joined us!

Our previous participation in Hack the Future has resulted into 3 new motivated team members! Arne, Wouter and Nick participated as hackers in the previous edition, but this year you will find them at the ToThePoint desk as part of the crew.

“HackTheFuture was gewoonweg een geweldige ervaring en moet je zeker eens gedaan hebben als je een beetje interesse hebt in coding. De challenges van ToThePoint waren geweldig uitgewerkt van backstory tot skillniveau. Ik heb deze getackeld met totaal andere talen dan werden aangeraden, maar dit was geen probleem. Er is zelfs een jobaanbieding uit voort gekomen voor mij, dus zeker niet aarzelen om mee te doen!”

Hack the Future was voor mij een geweldige ervaring. Ik ging naar deze hackathon zonder al te hoge verwachtingen en zonder te weten wat mij te wachten stond. Het werd al snel duidelijk dat de challenge van Tothepoint alle aandacht trok door de grote diversiteit aan opdrachten en de geweldige consoles die ze gebouwd hadden. De hackathon was een zeer leerrijke dag en leverde mij niet alleen een enorme ervaring op, maar ook een job bij Tothepoint. Een job waar ik de mogelijkheid heb om samen te werken met een geweldig team en dit in een zeer gemoedelijke sfeer. Kortom, HTF is “the place to be” voor de ervaring van je leven!

Last year I participated in the Cronos Hackaton and took on the machine learning subject. I had no idea what to expect, but I was amazed by the work put in the setup and execution. There were many motivated employees around available for help, which they enthusiastically offered. The further the day proceeded, the more I got sucked in trying to solve the challenges. Me and my teammate even managed to finish in first place! Not only did we have an amazing day and received a nice price, we both were offered a job at ToThePoint which we both accepted without a doubt. This year I am able to return this favour to the next participants and I look forward to offering the students the experience that might change their life.

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If you feel like you’re up for the job and are looking forward to being challenged while having a fun day, you can register here.

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