Hack the Future - Global events

Global events can strike at any time. Is the bunker under siege? Are they threatening the world as we know it? When the world around you is facing great adversity, restoring the uplink and trust of each continent has to wait. You must quickly resolve what chaos is hitting us!

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First you must figure out what is going on. Keep a level head, focus, communicate with your team, and solve the problem. Each global event lasts for 20 minutes. You will have to write some code to solve the problem. The first team that solves the problem, saves the world! Those that earn this title will come in first in case of a tie break. During these events, you show us what you are made of.

Global events have a separate endpoint to solve them. Send your information to GET /globalEvent/check?token=...&endpoint=...

If no one succeeds a ToThePoint swat team led by commander Van der Hallen will come in and rescue us. Hopefully it won’t come to that…
When all is well again you can pick up what challenge you left off with when the event started. Good luck in solving these earth-shattering puzzles!

Koen Van Loock

Evolutionary Architect

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